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Refusal Rates for TRV visitor visas, Study Permits and Work Permit from visa-required countries

These statistics are for all visas processed by these visa offices for all individuals, and provided by IRCC. Low approval rates are are result of the majority of individuals applying on their own without professional help. Moreover, individuals tend to apply multiple times (2, 3 even 4 times) before retaining professional help which leads to lower statistics. After an individual is refused once, any re-application made on their own will just lead to another refusal. Professional help is required if you were refused once.
There is no formal process or rights to appeal within IRCC. The only option would be to re-apply or judicial review.

A judicial review can be filed if due process was not followed by IRCC; that is, the visa office did not assess the application properly despite being presented a detailed and thorough application which highlighted all the necessary facts. In order to be granted leave via judicial review, one must prove that IRCC did not perform their job properly. Judicial Review will not be successful if the original application did not preset a strong case for approval.
Unfortunately, re-applying again on your own is futile. Individuals will only learn this fact once they have applied two, three, even four times on their own and are refused. The main issue here is that the foreign visa office will not respect another application submitted by an individual applying on their own. The visa offices are very busy and have government employees reviewing applications. These government employees can be lazy and don’t want to waste their time reviewing a subsequent application by an individual, given a recent refusal. As soon as they see a previous refusal within the same year, they will just refuse it again, without even reviewing the application. While this seems unfair, this is what happens.
Clients contact for our expert review after one or more refusals and we are able to help individuals obtain a TRV visitor visa successfully. With our leveraged expertise, the visa officers pay more attention when assessing an application. The main reason being is that the visa officers respect that immigration lawyers are extremely knowledgeable with the immigration laws and understand that proper due process and procedural fairness must be followed. Otherwise, a lawyer will challenge the visa officer’s decision via judicial review. If a visa officer is refusing an application, they must justify the refusal based on the facts presented in the application.

In the majority of cases, working with a knowledgeable immigration consultant to prepare and re-submit a much stronger application presenting the case often leads to an approval. The visa officer can see that the application is being submitted though an official Representative Portal and also the attached submission letter. We typically drafts a 4 -5 page submission letter presenting each client’s application, highlighting the important facts to address all 13 reasons for refusal. Clients will have an opportunity to see the case we present for their application as our firm will always send a copy of the submission letter for review to a client before submitting their application.

If you have been refused a TRV or wish to apply for one, please contactus to get Professional Help. We have helped many clients obtain a visa after a refusal, oftentimes after multiple refusals. This is our area of expertise.

Common Reasons for Refusal

TRV Visa: Visa-required countries
A TRV visa is also a type of travel authorization, much like the eTA. Individuals from Visa-requied countries require a TRV visa in their passport before they are allowed to board a plane at an airport. The Canadian government has placed many countries on a non-visa exempt list to ensure individuals are screened properly before being permitted to travel to Canada.
The TRV visa application process is a lengthy one. The application asks for plenty of detailed personal and family information. In addition, many documents must be provided to strengthen and support the application. Unlike US visas that have an interview, Canada’s screening process is only done by a paper application with no interview. It is extremely important to prepare a strong application as the visa officer will make a decision solely based on the information provided in the application; they will not request any additional information.
Many individuals do not understand the process and there is a high rate of refusal when an individual applies on their own. After receiving a refusal, the individual has been flagged and any subsequent application must be as strong as possible in order to have any chance of approval.
TRV visas are refused for many reasons. They are refused for all the same refusal reasons of an eTA (read below), plus an additional 13 reasons which normally only apply to the screening process for TRV applications.
Reasons for TRV refusal:
  • Lack of Travel History: If a person has not traveled anywhere outside of their home country before, they will be refused a visa if they apply on their own. Our firm can overcome this reason by making legal arguments and referencing a Federal Court Case in the application.
  • Strong Family Ties to Canada: having family members in Canada can be a reason for refusal, and individual applying on their own can be refused. Our firm can overcome this reason by making legal arguments and referencing a Federal Court Case in the application.
  • Length of stay: Individuals who state on the application they wish to stay for a longer period, usually require significant financial funds.
  • Real Purpose of Visit: there wasn’t a good enough explanation of the reason for travel to Canada.
  • Lack of Employment Prospects in Home Country
  • Current Employment Situation
  • Personal Assets
  • Host in Canada financial situation:lack of documentation
  • Documents that do no appear authentic
  • History of overstaying status on a previous visit to Canada
  • Illegal Status in Country of Residence
  • Other Reasons
Got a visa refusal, no need to panic. Our licensed consultant can make an online request under AITP to access detailed reasons of your visa refusal from the IRCC and then provide you expert advice on every step going-forward so you can re-apply with confidence. Improve your chances of visa approval today! Book a free consultation and let’s talk!
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