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Rural Renewal Stream

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program
Rural Renewal Stream (RRS) Fact Sheet
What is the Alberta Advantage
Immigration Program?
The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP)
is an economic immigration program that nominates
individuals for permanent residence in Alberta. The
AAIP has different streams for both foreign nationals
who are living and working in Alberta as well as
entrepreneurs wanting to establish or purchase a
business in Alberta. AAIP nominees must have the
skills and abilities to fill labour shortages or
contribute to the economy through the ownership
and operation of an Alberta business.
Both the Government of Alberta and the federal
government administer the program. If an individual
is nominated through the AAIP, they may apply for
permanent residence status together with their
spouse or common-law partner and dependent
children. Program nominees must also meet
medical, criminal and security federal checks to be
eligible for permanent residency.
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
(IRCC) makes the final decisions on all permanent
residence applications.
How the Rural Renewal Stream
Rural Alberta communities express interest in the
Rural Renewal Stream (communities within an
economic region can partner to apply).
Communities that meet the mandatory criteria
submit their application for community designation.
The community partnership works to attract and
recruit foreign nationals.
Employer provides a job offer to the successful
foreign national and the community partnership
ensures the candidate meets the streams criteria.
An endorsement letter is provided to the foreign
Endorsed foreign national submits application to the
Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP).
AAIP issues nomination for Permanent Residency
Foreign national applies to Immigration Refugees
and Citizenship Canada for Permanent Residency.
Designated Community supports newcomers to
settle permanently and be successful in the
What makes the Rural Renewal Stream
unique is that it is “community driven”. To
ensure success in your community,
economic development groups, employers
and community organizations will work
together to achieve community designation
to meet the labour force and economic needs
of the community.

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