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New LMIA Guidelines

Recently there have been slight changes to the LMIA process in 2021! Under the new LMIA system, the jobs in which a foreign worker is being hired are divided into two categories: high-wage and low-wage. Jobs are considered high wage if the salary meets or exceeds the median wage in the province where the job will be performed, and low-wage if the salary is below the median.

The application fee for LMIA requests is now $1000 per worker, an increase from the $275 per worker fee for LMOs.
Consult our licensed expert to learn more about the LMIA and Work Permit processes and how to land your dream job in Canada.
Take advantage of our one-on-one virtual consultation and find out how we provide expertise in each of these areas : –
  • Finding suitable Canadian employers with a positive LMIA
  • Matching your profile with most suited job description
  • Preparing your resume to Canadian market standards
  • Helping you confidently apply for a job
  • Preparing you for a job interview
  • Representing your Work Permit application and preparing you for your work-permit interview if applicable
  • Connecting you with basic settlement services
  • Officially welcoming you to Canada
Consult our licensed member to learn more about Canadian job opportunities and how we can help match your job profile in a desired job sector with a designated employer in Canada. The LMIA and Work Permit process is complex as it sounds, therefore, the legal advice matters. Book a consultation and let’s talk!
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